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As a researcher I find the Research HUB platform quite valuable.

Dr. Irem Demirkan

Assistant Professor, Loyola University Maryland
irem demirkan
Researchers are truth-seekers.

Professor Ilan Alon

Professor of International Business
Ilan Alon_100x77
Someone once told me, doing a PhD is like a marathon. You need to be clear of the goal, be able to overcome obstacles during the journey, share your concerns and doubts with your fellows, and never ever stop believing in your capabilities.

Dr. Gibran Cruz Martinez

Assistant Professor
Research in general and doing a PhD in particular is fun, rewarding, and challenging. However, it can also be frustrating, draining, and lonely. A community like Research Hub can play an important role in limiting the latter mentioned aspect of research, while also increasing the former.

Dr. Stine Øyna

Associate Professor of Entrepreneurship


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